5 Causes Why You Should Switch to Discord in 2022

5 Causes Why You Should Switch to Discord in 2022

If you haven’t switched yet, you might want to. Discord is a free, flexible, and secure alternative to TeamSpeak. The main reasons why you should switch are listed below:

Discord is a great alternative to TeamSpeak.

There are many benefits to using Discord instead of TeamSpeak. This messaging app has a lot of users and a variety of servers. You can choose whether you’d like to use it for professional or personal purposes. Discords exist for every niche, including gaming, video game, and Patreon communities. In addition, you can chat with creators directly on Discord.

Another popular alternative is Mumble, an open-source voice chat application designed for gaming. While it isn’t as versatile as Discord, it has various other benefits. While it lacks browser support, it is still very functional. Another excellent alternative to TeamSpeak is Flock, a project management and communication platform for modern teams. It’s easy to use but also has great audio and video features.

Another reason to use Discord is the ability to create free servers. It also has different channels for different users, and different roles can be assigned to different members. Users can send emojis and gifs, share links, and attach files to messages. The platform makes it easy to create communities and communicates with each other. In 2022, Discord will be a great alternative to TeamSpeak. If you want to know about the best public Discord servers that you can use, check out this article by Techwhoop.

It’s free

Switching to Discord is free, but you might not be satisfied with how it operates now. The company has started working on new features, including Premium Memberships, allowing creators to build paid memberships that give specific benefits. This will help strengthen their communities and deliver more content to their users. In the meantime, you can make the switch for free. In case if you’re still not convinced, here are three reasons you should switch to another chat service.

Discord is a known and popular chat service for gamers, and it’s free to switch in 2022. The application is similar to Slack, allowing you to create public channels and side-chats that are constantly evolving. The conversations on this platform are constantly changing, and there are dedicated servers for popular subreddits. Users of this chat service will also appreciate the simplicity of its interface, which uses simple status indicators to let everyone know who is online.

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It’s adaptable

Discord is an online chat platform with a difference. Instead of the large, centralized community of Facebook or Twitter, users gravitate toward small, private groups. They can even add pictures to the conversations, saving SMS charges. Discord’s interface feels more like a social experience than a business environment. It’s also very adaptable.

While Discord has been around for years, many of its users are not gamers. According to Discord, 30% of its servers are for non-gaming use. A user study conducted by the Discord team last year revealed that the biggest misconception about Discord is that it’s primarily aimed at gamers. Discord wants to change this. However, it’s not perfect yet.

Discord has many advantages. It’s adaptable, flexible, and works for almost anything. You can conduct business meetings in it, play board games with your friends, and even have casual conversations with influencers. Discord’s adaptability makes it the perfect platform for all types of users. It also doesn’t affect your gaming performance. Discord doesn’t even cause lag during games, making it an ideal gaming platform.

It’s secure

Many users of messaging apps are wary of the security of Discord. It is a rebranded version of LimeWire, which can be a breeding ground for malware. The most common malware is the Remote Access Trojan, which spreads via malicious links and grants hackers administrative rights over your device. This is extremely bad for your privacy. The exploit for this is known as AnarchyGrabber3, which is still active.

While popularity is Discord’s biggest selling point, it also has a downside. It’s more convenient than ever to find other gamers. This popularity creates the perfect conditions for bad practices, such as slow patching of security holes and questionable community management. Moreover, many users give away their data, making them an attractive target for willing hackers. This is one reason why you should switch to Discord in 2022.


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