2024 Top List of ATS Systems in USA for Recruiters

2024 Top List of ATS Systems in USA for Recruiters


Do you want to have a list of ATS systems that will help you automate your hiring process like no other software? If yes, you have arrived right. The applicant tracking system has become one of the most crucial tools for easing the hiring process for companies. This software converts a month-long process into just a few days. 

In this blog, we will understand what an ATS is and how it works and look at a list of ATS systems in the USA. So, scroll down further and read more about ATS systems.

What is an ATS system? 

An ATS system is software made to ease the overall hiring process for the company. This software carries out all the clerical work related to the hiring process. This includes posting vacancies, sorting resumes, ranking the applicants, scheduling interviews, and even carrying out the onboarding process. 

Moreover, it carries out these tasks not only in a speedy manner but also accurately. Because of these facilities, many recruiters prefer many different ATS systems to work manually. 

A market analysis report held by Future Market Insights shows that the global sale of ATS was US$ 2.1 Billion. Not only this, it is estimated to grow with a growth rate of 5.3% from the year 2022 to 2023!

Thus, this is what an ATS system is. In the next section, we will take a look at the essential features that every ATS system should have.

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What are the essential features an ATS system should have?

While looking at the list of ATS systems through this blog, it is necessary to look at the list of essential features an ATS system should have to understand how to choose a good ATS system. The following are the features that a good ATS system should have: 

  • Resume parsing 

One of the essential functions of an applicant tracking system is resume parsing. This feature allows the recruiter to extract crucial information from the resume. So, the recruiter can easily concentrate only on important points such as skills, experience, and qualifications. Also, resume parsing allows the recruiter to reduce the time needed to review a resume and saves time. 

  • Customization 

A good applicant tracking system should be customizable according to the needs and wants of the company. Thus, the one-size-fits-all approach will not work for ATS systems. As a result, the software should be able to accommodate and change according to the workflow, kinds of candidates, and types of users.

  • Candidate sourcing

An ATS system should be able to source candidates from various sources. As a result, these sources might include job boards, recruiting agency websites, and social media. Social media plays an important role in today’s recruiting world. Thus, the company has a great chance of finding the perfect candidate on social media. Hence, it is important that the ATS can source candidates from here. 

  • Mobile version 

Every ATS system should have a mobile version. A mobile version essentially allows the recruiter to access the candidate data easily, even from their mobile phones. This helps to increase the accessibility and flexibility for the recruiter. Moreover, with a mobile version, a recruiter can work from anywhere in the world. Thus, the barrier of working in an office is lifted effectively. 

  • Integrations

A good ATS system should be able to integrate with various other software of the working system. Besides an applicant tracking system, a company uses many other software like CRM, video interviews, and similar. Thus, the ATS must integrate and configure easily with this software. This helps the ATS become a good add-on to the hiring process rather than a burden. 

  • Data security

Security is one of the most crucial functions of any applicant tracking system. While sourcing candidates from various platforms, the ATS gathers a lot of information related to the candidates. This includes personal information like emails, phone numbers, and even attached certificates and degrees. Thus, this data mustn’t fall into the wrong hands. Hence, data security is a must for a good ATS system. 

So, these are the essential features every ATS system should have. Further, let us take a look at the list of ATS systems that are the best in the market.

Did you know? 
Most of the modern ATS are based on AI concepts, implying that they attract applicants and search for potential candidates. Not only this! Some of the AI automatic bots assist them in sorting, scanning, and even parsing the resumes. They also offer input and advice to the recruiter on their recruitment strategy.

Editor’s choice list of ATS systems in the USA for 2023

Searching for a correct ATS system can be a difficult task. Hence, we have framed a list of top rated ATS systems that are best in the field of hiring candidates. They are: 

  • Pitch N Hire 

Pitch N Hire is a leading provider of applicant tracking systems in the USA. It not only helps the recruiter acquire the best talent around the world with the least hassle but also helps in effortless tracking and managing. Thus, it will elevate your recruitment experience instantly. Moreover, it has extensive integration capacity. So, you can integrate your ATS with other applications like CRM. Hence, Pitch N Hire acquires the first place in the list of ATS systems in this blog. 

  • HRMantra 

HRMantra helps in automating most of the complicated steps involved in the hiring process. Thus helping the recruiter decrease the time required for every employee. It is mostly famous for HR-related work related to employees. It has a rich payroll and HR software that helps in managing employees effortlessly. Thus, this ATS not only helps in hiring candidates but also after the hiring is done. 

  • Ceipal ATS 

Third on our list of ATS systems is Ceipal ATS. It is a scalable applicant tracking system that helps to identify the correct candidate in less time. It has a unique feature where you can categorize the candidates based on relevant points like skills, qualifications, experience, and similar points. Also, it is backed by a powerful AI system that helps in the effortless management of candidates. 

  • ClearCompany 

ClearCompany is one of the most popular ATS providers in the USA. This is because it helps to recruit the best talent in almost all fields and markets. In addition to attracting applicants, this ATS helps in maintaining a passive talent pool for the company. This is all supported by flexible workflow and tracking. Thus making it one of the top choices by many. 

  • GreenHouse 

GreenHouse not only finds talent for you but also helps in nurturing it for you. This ATS has a structured hiring workflow that helps to improve the interviewing experience. Moreover, it includes team collaboration tools and an internal job board. This helps in inter-mobility and helps in maintaining team communication and spirit. These are the reasons why we have included GreenHouse in this list of ATS systems. 

  •  Tracker 

Tracker comes with an already integrated candidate relationship management (CRM) software. This helps to maintain good communication with the candidates as well as the clients. Moreover, it is ideal for recruitment agencies to optimize their candidates, clients, marketing, and other related operational processes. The employees need no extensive training to use the software as it has a simple interface. 

  • PinPoint 

PinPoint is designed for in-house and internal talent optimization. It has an easy-to-use navigation system that helps in the easy handling of the software. One unique feature of this ATS is that it is highly integrable. This ATS can be integrated into multiple platforms like Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and many more. This is the reason why it’s one of our top choices for this list of ATS systems.

What are the trends for ATS systems in 2024 and beyond?

The following trends are going to emerge in the year 2024. Many different ATS systems will follow them, and hence, it is necessary to prepare accordingly for the recruiters. These trends are:

  • ML and AI: ATS systems will increasingly use artificial intelligence and machine learning to recruit candidates. Not only this, it will use this technology in every step of the hiring process, from posting apt vacancies to onboarding of the candidates. 
  • Enhancement in candidate experience: ATS systems will focus on improving candidate experience. This is because candidates are the best way to advertise. If they have good experience with the ATS, they will suggest it to others. 
  • Diversity and inclusion tools: ATS providers will try to include tools that will help reduce bias in hiring the candidates. This will promote diverse hiring practices and help in fair hiring. 
  • Mobile services: in this world of advancements, everyone desires applications that can be used on the go. Thus, the ATS providers will focus on making a mobile version for their ATS systems. 
  • Predicting hiring trends: every recruiter desires to know the future trends in hiring candidates. Thus, ATS providers will try to inculcate tools that can predict the future.


Choosing the right ATS system is very crucial as well as confusing. The above-mentioned list of ATS systems has some of the best ATS systems in the USA. Most of these provide a free demo of their systems. So, why wait? Visit their websites and opt for a free demo today!


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