Benefits of choosing Shopify for eCommerce store Development

Benefits of choosing Shopify for eCommerce store Development

Online commerce has simplified our conventional ways of shopping. While some businesses rely entirely on selling their product range via a digital medium, some use it as an extension to boost their sales. And know the Benefits of Shopify for eCommerce development

In any case, businesses have found this to be a powerful tool that ensures their products reach everyone despite geographical differences. Meanwhile, they can attract more audiences and boost their sales and revenue.

Now, there are plenty of eCommerce development platforms to help you in this venture – and Shopify is one of them. Here, we will talk about the perks of availing of Shopify development services elaborately.

Let’s take a look!

Introducing Shopify

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that enables businesses to develop, customize, and maintain eCommerce stores. The platform can be utilized to sell products and services in various mediums such as mobile, web, desktop, online marketplaces, social media, brick-and-mortar stores, etc.

It is one of the most celebrated eCommerce platforms available today and here are some statistics suggesting the same.

  • Over 1.7 Million eCommerce businesses utilize Shopify.
  • There are more than 3,200 apps in the Shopify app store.
  • With a 20% market share, Shopify is one of the most renowned eCommerce platforms.
  •  Over 175 different countries sell products via Shopify.

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Advantages of Shopify eCommerce Development

Simple UI and easy setup

Shopify extends businesses with not just the content management system but also the hosting to facilitate website development and deployment, all in one place. The software is easy to set up and it requires less to no technical expertise on one’s part.

The Admin interface is specifically designed in a way that anyone can use it to manage the store. At the same time, the Shopify eCommerce website’s UI is made engaging. Even if it doesn’t require much technical knowledge on one’s part, it is better to avail of Shopify eCommerce website development services if your site requires heavy customization.

Highly secure

While security is a key aspect of any eCommerce website and requires close attention, maintaining the same can be quite a challenge for businesses. However, that’s not the case when you develop your store with Shopify.

Shopify ensures to adhere to updated and security measures so that all eCommerce merchants can securely develop and launch their app via the platform.  Thus, any personal, confidential, and financial data of your users are safe.

Mobile responsive

With the continuous increase in the number of mobile users, it has become necessary for businesses to create mobile-first shopping sites. Otherwise, they can miss targeting a significant section of their target market.

Luckily, that will not be a major concern for you as long as you choose to develop with Shopify. All Shopify themes are responsive and work smoothly on various mobile devices. In fact, the app store also extends some useful apps for Shopify app creators too.

Exposure to SEO & marketing tools

Developing your Shopify eCommerce store isn’t all, you also have to market it the right way to the appropriate target audience. And with the cutthroat competition of today’s market, leading organic traffic to your site is a tough nut to crack.

In this context, SEO and marketing tools are key players to change the game for you. And Shopify brings all of that to the table when you choose Shopify store development. The basic plan includes several features that assure SEO-friendliness for your site.

For instance, SEO-optimized themes, canonical tags to avoid duplicate content, fast-loading apps, tags, curated metadata, etc. Besides these, Shopify users can use various SEO and marketing tools and applications to optimize their store for more traffic and conversion opportunities.

The analytics tools further assist businesses in tracking their site’s performance, how a marketing campaign is performing, and ways to improve these marketing efforts.

Efficient customer support

Launching your own eCommerce store involves many challenges and the job gets more difficult if you are doing it for the first time. But thanks to the round-of-clock support extended by the Shopify team, you get to resolve your issues and get answers to your queries in no time.

The team is available at your service via different means – Chat, email, and call. You can connect to the team using your preferred method and get the necessary resolutions regarding your eStore launch.

Quick loading speed

When you develop with Shopify, you can expect your application to load quickly unless you have over-customized it. The Shopify architecture enable businesses to develop and launch eCommerce applications that can be quickly accessed. It helps merchants reduce bounce rates and shoppers get to enjoy the shopping experience from the get-go.

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Seamless payments

One of the significant challenges of any eCommerce development process is to provide a smart, seamless, and secure payment facility to customers. Shopify portal ensures that’s what merchants achieve with their online store.

While security is no matter of concern for Shopify users, the portal allows easy integration of payment gateways. The use of Stripe further assures that your customers don’t have to pay any extra amount while shopping in your store.

Businesses can also extend multiple payment facilities to users like local currencies and varied card options to improve conversion rates. For instance, they can add Visa, Rupay, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, PhonePay, and more. Shopify is also welcoming cryptocurrencies for elevated customer experience.

Shopify has emerged to be one powerful yet simple tool for building, customizing, managing, and deploying eCommerce stores. These are some major advantages you can leverage while working on the platform.

Furthermore, you can also avail yourself of professional Shopify development services for improved efforts and results. The Shopify experts will guide you through the process and help maintain your store effortlessly.


Shopify portal has plenty of benefits – Aesthetically-pleasing themes, mobile-friendly designs, SEO-compliance tools, a secure payment gateway, 24×7 customer support & a lot more! Here, you will learn about all such advantages that businesses can leverage.

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