Real-World Examples of Python in Web Development

Real-World Examples of Python in Web Development

Python is a hot topic in tech and web development circles. Which big companies use Python to develop web pages? This guide will help you find out.

According to Statisticstimes, Python is the top computer language in 2022.

According to our research, Python developers can make a much higher salary if they have Python in their toolkit. Are you still convinced?

This post will explain Python and its use for web development. Then, we’ll dive into 13 real-world examples that demonstrate Python’s use in web development. All in all, we’ll be covering:

  1. What’s Python?
  2. How does Python develop the web application?
  3. 13 real-world Python examples in web development
  4. How do you become a Python programmer?

1. What is Python?

Python is the second most popular programming language on Github (which, as we’ll see, is no bad thing).

Guido van Rossum, a young Dutch programmer, created Python in 1991. He set out to create a multipurpose programming language that could be used in multiple programming paradigms. This would also emphasize code readability. Most coding languages back then were very abstract. Python made it possible for developers to express their programming ideas in fewer lines of code and more intuitively. This was quite revolutionary. Although Python was originally intended to be used for basic script writing, its popularity grew quickly.

Python is used in many different fields, including data analytics, special effects, deep learning, and web development. With Python 3.0 being the most recent release, the language is constantly improving.

2. How does Python develop the web application?

Python’s core capabilities make it a popular choice for web development. Python is open-source and free. It is highly adaptable, which is even more important.

It is compatible with both object-oriented (OOP), and functional programming. Our guide to OOP explains the differences.

It also has dynamic typing capabilities. This means Python scripts do not require compilation (or translation) before they can be executed. They are executed at runtime. This is great for web development because it requires less code and makes it easier to debug. We could continue, and we did. In fact, we created a guide to for beginners that highlights the benefits of Python.

Remember how we mentioned that Python is number 2 on Github’s top-rated programming languages? JavaScript is number one. These two languages are very popular. JavaScript and Python are often combined. JavaScript is used by web developers to create the frontend layer or presentation, and Python to create server-side layers (or backend). This video shows you how JavaScript frontend programming works.

Backend programming with Python is made much easier by the free web frameworks available on PyPI. These web frameworks, Django or Flask are very popular. They take out a lot of the work from backend programming. These libraries are accepted by many as safe, scalable, and easy to use once you learn Python’s simple syntax.

This may seem a little too abstract for you at this point. Now that we understand the basics of Python, what does it look like in practice for web development? We’ll next take a look at some famous Python websites to see how this language works in practice.

3. Python examples in web development

We are often asked if Python is so popular. It is, and the answer is yes. It is something you use all the time, whether you realize it or not. Many of our favorite websites and apps use Python to build their tech stack, from checking out the latest Netflix series to checking out your DMs on Instagram. It is clear that Python is an essential tool in your development toolkit.

Let’s now look at 13 Python websites that show how adaptive and dynamic this language can be.

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Netflix was once a rental company that shipped DVDs via post. However, they soon embraced the digital revolution and have grown to be one of the most loved streaming services in the world.

Python is the foundation of Netflix’s success from a web development perspective. The team of developers at Netflix accepts that Python is behind their success. Python has improved the security of its daily operations and is able to provide reliable streaming service. You now know what to do!


Reddit is the most popular forum for news and cutting-edge social commentary. Did you know that the server-side code is written in Python? Although you don’t actually see it, Reddit’s web server uses Python to translate any request sent via its browser. The web server then returns the HTML required, which you can see in your browser. This is Python, which acts as a middleman between the server request and the HTML that appears on your screen. Who would have thought?


You may remember the long and tedious process of copying CDs onto your DVD drive (or what drive) on your computer. Spotify makes it so much simpler to listen to music. And Spotify heavily uses Python in its web backend which includes many interconnected services.

It has its own data analytics package, Luigi. It powers Spotify’s Radio and Discover functions, as well as suggesting people to follow. What language is Luigi coded? It’s Python, you guessed.

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So here we have discussed the real-world applications built with Python programming.

There is no doubt that Python is the most useful language for web application development.

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