Productivity Tips For Software Developers

Productivity Tips For Software Developers

The software development realm seems to have become more like a rat race. Every engineer is willing to become one due to the lucrative and profit-spinning realm it turns out to be. Well, this is not the kind of boring post that incorporates what is software development, and why is software development important. In fact, this one is a bit different and interesting. Keep reading to know more!


No matter how hard this seems to acknowledge, the world of development which seems to be dreamy to many can be quite stressful and frustrating at times. The following post focuses on how one, especially a software developer can be more productive.  

Now being productive has perks of its own, you get higher pay, you become more trustworthy as an employee and most important of all, you get satisfied completely from within.

It’s no longer a fact that any and every software developer or engineer or programmer will become successful. Only those who are great in terms of productivity and work with amazing efficiency tend to succeed well. To be honest, how much should be the ideal productivity of a software developer, such a topic is pretty highly debatable. You never know how simple the project or complex project is. Fortunately, the following post focuses on how one can enhance their productivity as a software developer.

What makes a Software Developer Productive?

There are tons of factors and aspects that can make a software developer pretty much productive such as:

  • Using a significant bunch of tools and frameworks like Next.js, Nuxt, SvelteKit, or Astro
  • Make sure to use high-quality software development tools and not go for any miser options
  • Use as many code snippets as you can
  • Try to automate all the monotonous tasks as much as you can. Use imgix or Cloudinary to generate social images
  • Keep re-using what you have already commenced in the past
  • And most important of all, do not try repeating the same old mistakes. Instead, try making new ones (just kidding!)

Further, I would like to mention certain tips and tricks that can assist you well in increasing productivity. 

Essential Productivity Tips Every Software Developer Must Consider

#1 Say a Big “No” to Distractions

One of the biggest steps that one must take towards enhancing productivity as a software developer is that you need to get rid of all the possible distractions. Basically, here you have to stop wasting time on what’s not at all necessary or needed. A successful developer always tends to remain highly focused and concentrated while working. He should not be allowing a single distraction even mobile phones to disturb them or else this might result in huge mistakes.

A simple distraction and you are simply out of your flow. And for getting back on your task you need to spend at least 20 mins or more. In fact, several studies have been conducted to date and it has been observed that a software developer needs around 10-15 minutes to get over even the smallest or slightest distraction. So even if you are using your phone or answering emails (not related to work), or attending unnecessary phone calls, you should start to let go. Even if it’s not that easy, you should start right away. This definitely results in increased productivity. So what exactly can be done is:

  • Keeping your phone on silent mode
  • Turn off all social media notifications
  • No email or message alerts
  • Do not multitask
  • Keep tabs on one task at a time
  • Have a specific break for answering emails, messages and social media posts.
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#2 Taking breaks at regular intervals is a necessity

Our next interesting step to consider to increase productivity is taking a significant amount of breaks at a time. No kidding! In fact, those who take breaks at regular intervals definitely end up increasing their productivity in no time. Also, they have a sense of job satisfaction and enhanced well-being.

In addition to increased productivity, taking breaks definitely boosts creativity, helps you focus more on your core activity, improves mental health, and you can make decisions in a better way. And above all, all the unnecessary and unwanted stress is reduced.

In case, if you don’t have this habit of taking breaks then start reminding yourself to take one. Here conducting time management is the key. Take a break after every 25-30 minute session. You see all work and no play makes a software developer a dull person. Give it a shot. And taking breaks doesn’t mean you get glued to your smartphones right away. No, I mean taking a complete break from electronic devices. Do some physical activity, stand up, do some stretching, take a small walk, have a word with your colleagues (not related to work) and see if you will find yourself mentally and physically fit. Maybe that’s the reason why more and more IT companies have started incorporating Gym and play areas such as a pool table, air hockey, and other indoor games. You see, once you come back from your break you will feel more relaxed.

#3 Make the Right Choice in regard to different tools and platforms

One of the core reasons why developers often fail in doing their work is because they are not using the right set of tools and platforms. Of course, there is no denying the fact that using the right tools can definitely get your work done but one should know that these tools can assist you in increasing productivity. Here try incorporating frameworks like Next.js, Nuxt, SvelteKit, or Astro.

You see all the basic tasks such as routing, server-side or static rendering can be well taken care of. In addition, you can consider using Polypane and Prismic Slice Machine for viewing the software on multiple devices and the other one turns out to offer a great page-builder experience.

Also, your manager will soon come to you and pat your back for all the good work you have done.

#4 All the repetitive tasks must be automated

Another best way to enhance productivity is via automation. Yes, try automating repetitive tasks as much as you can. You see when you try automating all these time-consuming tasks, lots and lots of your valuable time can be saved and you can focus well on other core activities. As a result, your overall productivity improves. 

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#5 One has to keep learning

Last but certainly not the least point that can assist you well in enhancing productivity is when you keep learning. Yes, no one has completely achieved the state of knowing everything especially in the ever-changing technology realm where every now and then there is a new trend waiting for you to be explored.

And the more you keep learning, the more you will be able to solve problems and issues and of course, you will be productive enough. So invest as much as you can in improving your knowledge. Make use of tools and technologies which can give you an upper hand in no time. Here’s a key – Try to participate as much as you can in conducting open source projects. You will learn so many tips and tricks and obviously grow as a programmer. 


And I am almost done now! I hope the following post was worth a read! If yes, feel free to help us in spreading the word around. You see all aforementioned are different ways through which you can stay more productive and that too for the long run. There is no cookie-cutter solution to consider here. All you can do is try out different ways and see which one works for yourself. What might work for you might not work well for your subordinate. The key is to keep trying to gain a better work-life balance and of course, inner peace.


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