Node.js vs. Java: Differences, Applications, and Why You Should Learn Them

Node.js vs. Java: Differences, Applications, and Why You Should Learn Them

What is Node.JS?

Node.JS is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment. This cross-platform environment lets developers write JavaScript on both server & client-side. However, considering Node.JS as a programming language would be wrong, it is a system that works with JavaScript. One prime feature of Node.JS is that it allows developers to write codes on the server-side. It also provides faster ways to write scalable and light scripts.

Node.JS: Advantages Vs Drawbacks

The following table illustrates the key advantages and disadvantages of Node.JS.

Advantages of Node.JsDrawbacks of Node.JS
Easily scalableNot suitable for heavy applications
Simpler language compared to JavaConstant updates means you need to carefully monitor Node.JS as all the additions are not tested properly
Ideal for full-stack developersStability issues due to the frequent change in API
Faster & easier code executionSolid and well-equipped library support system is still missing
Allows you to store many libraries
Constantly growing, evolving and improving
Large community support
Simplified operations

What is Java?

Java is a general purpose, class-based and object oriented programming language. Following are some of the key features of Java:

  • Stability
  • Efficiency
  • Cross-platform capability

Developers use Java to build scalable and top-notch applications for both computers and mobile phones. One key feature of Java is that it can run source code written in Java on any platform.

Java: Advantages Vs Drawbacks

The following table illustrates the key advantages and disadvantages of Java

Advantages of JavaDrawbacks of Java  
Offers many librariesRequires a lot of memory space
It’s very popularBackup facility is not available
With JRE installed, it can run on many platformUnattractive GUI and they cannot be complex
Simple and easy to learn and understandSentences are complex hence codes are hard to read and understand. 
Secured language Slower than native languages like C or C++
Programmers can develop modular programmes and reusable code.

What is a better way to use NodeJS?

This open-source programming language has a very wide range of uses. Below listed are some of the areas where you would really need Node.Js development services.

  • Collectors and translators
  • Web application 
  • SPA servers
  • Data collection, crawlers, parsers
  • Servers & APIs for mobile applications

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What is a better way to use Java?

Having a wide range of features, Java is used globally. Below listed are some of the areas where you can use Java. 

  • Android application
  • Server application in fintech industry
  • Software tools
  • Web application
  • Trading application
  • J2ME application
  • Big Data
  • High-frequency trading spaces
  • Scientific application
  • Embedded systems

Node.JS vs Java: Key Differences

OriginObject-oriented language created from C++, class- basedFramework created with C, C++, and JavaScript
Application TypeComplex, web-based and highly concurrentSpeedy and scalable server-side
Best Suited ForComplex, larger , web-based applicationsSmall projects
Multi-threadingUses the multi-threading concept easilyBest used as a single-thread option
Installation RequirementNeeds a Java Development Kit (JDE)Needs an archive file installation on the system
UsesHighly concurrent application, complex web applicationRunning faster and scalable application, real time collaborative application
Available FrameworkJSF, Springs, Struts, TapestryExpress.JS, Sails.JS, and Partial.JS
ScopeServer-side interaction, complex corporate applicationsCan be used by developers for server or client side development
PerformanceFast and no bufferingSignificantly slower compare to Node Js
DocumentationClear documentation and functionalitiesClear documentation and in-depth functionalities
StabilityUnstable due to frequent change in APIsHighly stable
Speed of codingTakes less time due to flexibility and lightnessJava is a rigid language and requires more time for coding
ScalabilityHighly scalable by designUnavailability of internal scalability, requires third-party application add ons.

Node.JS vs Java: When to use?

With regards to speed, Java versus Node.js benchmarks show that the Node.JS option will in general perform better because of its absence of buffering and remarkable code execution. Apart from that, Node.JS likewise wins the battle of scalability since Java does not have an internal scalability feature. With regards to robustness and stability measures, Node.js APIs change frequently, while Java demonstrates more inflexibility. Java’s design compared to Node.Js are built clearly for achieving higher security.

These two development technologies have incredible community networks, one-of-a-kind libraries, and materials that help beginners and experts. Node.js is by all accounts somewhat more famous and adored by designers.

Node.js advantages and disadvantages show its feasibility for real-time applications, streaming, Android applications, large information enterprises, and online business. You may Hire Remote NodeJS Developer to develop a node.js application. Java works best when utilized in web applications, scientific software, android applications, trading applications, and eCommerce stores.

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We hope this article will help you understand the key differences between Java and Node.JS. As mentioned earlier, Java and NodeJS are very distinctive languages and both have their significant advantages and drawbacks as well. While you are deciding to build your next big project, it is crucial to understand every piece of information about Node.JS and Java. So, we believe, the information we have provided in the above article will surely help you pick the right technology. Tell us what you think about this article, do share your reviews in the comment section below.   


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