Top Useful .Net Libraries for Your Next Project

Top Useful .Net Libraries for Your Next Project

.Net or dot-net is one of the leading and quintessential frameworks comprising several editors, languages and libraries. Speaking of which, .Net libraries are nothing more than open-source libraries that ensure to smoothen the overall journey of the developer. Basically, these libraries are massive collections of classes that serve specific purposes. Here most of the time you may find pre-defined and pre-written codes so whether you are dealing with a simple structure or a complex one, it doesn’t make much difference as both situations become easy to tackle. In the following post, we will go through some of the known as well as best .Net libraries to take into account. So without any further delay, let’s get started! 

Best .Net Libraries to Take into Account

#1 Swashbuckle

One of the leading names to take into consideration is Swashbuckle. Now, this as we all know is a .Net library that assists software developers in generating beautiful API documentation featuring Swagger UI. It is powered by generated Swagger JSON. Here developers can seamlessly explore and test API operations. And do you know what is the best part of using this particular .net library? All it takes is a couple of minutes to get started. For further information, check out –

So if you are looking for a .Net library that has: 

  • Automated production for Swagger 2.0
  • Can be seamlessly integrated with Swagger UI
  • Provider of XML comments
  • Supporter for authentication Implicit OAuth2 scheme and flow, APIKey, and primary authentication

Swashbuckle is the specific .Net library you need to accomplish your development project. 

#2 Ocelot

Our next contender is Ocelot. Well, this one is considered as one of the leading .Net API gateways. Ocelot is highly recommendable for those who practise .NET as well as the core to take care of different microservices or service-oriented architecture, and data structures requiring a centralized system entry position. Do you know what makes OCelot a cut above? It works wonders with everything, anything that uses HTML. Also, Ocelot has a track record of working wonders specifically with .Net core-based platforms. 

#3 Automapper

If you are looking for a convention-based object-object mapper in the .Net realm, auto mapper is the absolute choice to take into account. The simple little library is built with the objective to solve a deceptively complex problem. Now when one object is mapped with another it becomes pretty much difficult to get rid of the code. Also, most of the time developers find it pretty dreary and boring to write it again and again. Fortunately, we have auto mapper, one of the leading .Net libraries to take into consideration. 

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#4 Hangfire

The next intimidating .Net library to take into account is hangfire. Now Hangfire is highly recommended for those who are willing to come up with an easy way especially when they want to conduct job processing in the background. Whether it’s .Net or .Net core application, there is no need to opt for Windows service or separate procedures required. And do you know who is behind Hangfire? Redis, SQL Server, SQL Azure and MSMQ.

In fact, by using hangfire, software developers can perform multiple activities within ASP.Net Applications such as fire-and-forget, delayed and recurring jobs. In addition to this, Hangfire also supports CPU and I/O intensive, long-running and short-running jobs. So basically no need to opt for Windows service or any kind of task scheduler.  

#5 NLog

Another interesting .Net library to consider is Nlog. What exactly is this Nlog? Well, it’s more kind of an open source logging tool which is highly recommended for developing different .Net and Xamarin-based applications. NLog at present around features 4.2K stars. So if you are looking for a wonderful and easy-to-use application, especially a logging application where you may find some of the most excellent log routing and management-based features, nothing beats Nlog in terms of a high-performance logging system.    

#6 Dapper

Dapper is another interesting .Net library that acts as an object mapper for the .Net framework. It is quite an exceptional micro-ORM which highly recommends using SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, SqlCE and a lot more. You see one of the leading qualities of Dapper is that it can be practised by simply establishing the package. Yes, I am not kidding! Once you establish the NuGet package, the IDbconnection interface and its functionalities automatically start increasing. It may quite interest you to know that in the current situation, dapper is being used by a common stack overflow site. 

#7 Polly

Polly is another interesting .Net library. Now, what makes Polly a cut above? In fact, why is it even on this list, you may ask? Well, it is a pretty resilient and transient-fault-handling library. There are certain policies which might be more kind of time-consuming such as Retry, Circuit Breaker, Timeout, Bulkhead Isolation, and Fallback in a thread-safe manner. Fortunately, with Polly as your .Net library that’s certainly not the case. 

#8 RestSharp

The next easy-to-use .Net library and the highly preferred library is RestSharp. As the name implies here REST and HTTP API clients are more recommendable. In fact, it is said that when you are looking for a popular HTTP client library then RESTSharp is pretty much worth considering. Some of the most intimidating features offered by RESTSharp include automatic serialisation and deserialization, response type detection, and authentication. 

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#9 Saaskit

In today’s times creating multitenant apps are pretty much in demand. At the same time, they are pretty difficult to make. However, SaaSkit is one of the leading .Net libraries that makes the development of multitenant applications pretty simple and a doable job. Here basically the concept of malware is given pretty much importance. In fact, the creator of the Saaskit, one of the leading .Net libraries has written a wide range of posts and blogs and articles for better user understanding. Not to forget Saaskit seems to have gained 5.6K stars till date on GitHub. 

#10 CacheManager

And we are almost done here. This one is the last but definitely not the least. CacheManager is more kind of a .Net core library that is highly recommendable for cache notion in C#. Much like other aforementioned popular .Net libraries, CacheManager successfully smoothens the life of a .Net developer especially while dealing with complex caching scenarios. Here you may find a variety of features and functionalities in regard to application development, API, azure services and different databases.   

Final Thoughts

I hope that the following list of the top .Net libraries turns out to be of much help. And it can be used for conducting all your present and future .Net development projects. And do you know what is the best part of all these mentioned libraries?  It can be used by existing industries in the near future. So do let us know what you feel about the following post. In case if you have any doubts or issues, get in touch as soon as possible. You can even add any .Net library that you have used in prior by mentioning it in the comment section below. Also, do let us know why it is worth considering. 


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