5 Best Mac Blogs and Websites You Must Follow!

5 Best Mac Blogs and Websites You Must Follow!

In this fast-paced world, we are heavily dependent on technology to make our lives comfortable. We are always flooded with various gadgets around us, of which our phones and laptops share the major burden of providing us the comfort of technology. And know the best Mac Blogs and websites.

There is always a debate on the operating systems in our phones and laptops, but there is never a clear winner between Windows and Mac. Windows is loved and accepted by many people because of its affordability and ease of use, but Mac has a love for its luxury, build, and everything. Apple and Mac heads will clearly agree with this statement.

Mac might seem difficult to use for some portion of the population, but we have some problem solvers here who make working on Mac a cakewalk. These problem-solvers are the Best Mac Blogs and websites that act as customer care agents for Mac users, providing them a smooth ride into the world of Mac.

However, in this article, we are going to highlight the 5 Best Mac Blogs and Websites which make the lives of Mac users supremely easy.

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As the name suggests, this website offers the best suggestions and advice related to Mac products. They have blogs on reviews of Mac gadgets, accessories, apps, how-to’s for Mac products, best browsers for Mac, and also on alternatives to existing Mac apps. This website is loved by Mac heads for their Best Mac Blogs. They also cater to Mac users on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. In order to find the best and most affordable for your Mac products, your research must start at bestmacadvisor.com.  


Apple is a leading gadgets company that likes to surprise their customers with their new launches, but macrumours.com are way ahead of them in posting inside leaks and rumours about Apple gadgets and mostly the accurate ones. This website is a blessing for the Macheads, who are always looking forward to updates about Apple gadgets. They cover news related to the Apple Ecosystem like macOS, iOS, Apple’s paid services, and non-computing devices (Apple TV). And They post multiple times a day, and their posts are categorized into hot news, tips and tricks, and app reviews. They also have a YouTube Channel that hosts product reviews and how-to tips. Also, They are very active on their Twitter, and Instagram handles. They also have an exciting forum to interact with fellow Apple fanboys.


MacPaw is a creative software company that designs apps for Mac OS systems. The most popular app on macpaw.com is Clean My Mac X. It cleans junk files, and also that tools that run maintenance tasks to speed up Mac. It can free up STRIKE, run upkeep scripts, achieve login items, launch agents, and hang apps. Itbouts off adware, and ransomware specific to Mac OS. It also keeps apps organized and updated. The malware file is regularly updated. It has a combined uninstaller tool and updater to help users sort out their choices. It’s paid app with a trial option. Pricing starts per year $39.95 subscription and also has a one-time acquisition option for $89.95.

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It was started in 1984 as a printed magazine. In the year 2014, they turned fully digital into macworld.co.uk. They cater to Apple users through their articles on Apple news, product reviews, how-to’s, announcements, and many more. And They deliver articles in an old magazine format but digitally. And They also post articles on third-party accessories for Apple Devices like phone cases, chargers, ear pods, etc. The USP of this website is that they mostly provide practical information, which is great for new Mac users. Their website has a retro look, but it caters to and also entices the modern population. They have also digitally updated their articles from their printed magazines before 2014. Their discussion forums are great for the latest MAC rumors and inside banter. They have also conquered social media as they are active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They upload Apple reviews and guides weekly on their YouTube channel.


This website is a productivity tool for Apple users with 230+ apps for Mac. They work on a task-based model where they do not focus on their apps but on the task the app does. They cater to almost all functions in Mac which includes cleaning, coding, blogging, duplicate file search, personal budgeting, and many others. The website urges users to type a task for which it will recommend an app to complete the task smoothly, which proves the easy accessibility of setapp.com. It is highly recommended by many Macheads for its ease of use. This website charges a single monthly fee of $9.99 for such a huge collection of apps which is a feast for all MAC users.

These Mac Blogs and Websites make the lives of every Mac user easy and also give an opportunity to non-Mac users to eliminate all the restraints about Mac and dive into the luxurious world of Mac with equal comfort as other operating systems.



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