5 Strategies for Handling the Increase in Job Applications

5 Strategies for Handling the Increase in Job Applications

Truly successful recruiters have one thing in common. It’s a different idea. To gain a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring, you need to think outside the box. 31% of recruiters say the biggest obstacle is a lack of applicants. Although many applications go through the location, many may be inappropriate or ineligible. Therefore, with the increasing presence of media in our lives, many recruiters are changing the way they search for candidates.

1 – Ditch standard jobs

How many jobs are there on sites like Monster or Indeed? According to Statistic Brain’s 2017 survey, an average of 4 million jobs are posted online each month. Faced with these challenges, it can be difficult to stand out for a job offer. Don’t throw job postings completely out the window. You just need to tweak them a bit to make them shine.

Instead of posting a standard job posting with a “job description”, write a brief description of your company and add a personal note to your attendees. Use words that reflect your values ​​and stand out: “We are looking for motivated, empowered, and malicious individuals to contribute to the success of our business.”

The right person can learn new skills for a particular role, but the wrong person doesn’t have to adopt company values ​​and culture. We believe in a mission in every role and promote a mission or purpose, not a core responsibility. All candidates buy what they want to build from scratch and only hire people who are passionate about the work they do here.

Another approach that works well is to use non-traditional media such as employer videos and podcasts. Consider facilitating Facebook Live sessions, walking around the office, and posting snap interviews with hiring managers. Speaking of social media, do you run visual ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. ? While chatting, taking small snapshots of work at the workstation, and collaborating with employees, potential candidates can take a quick photo from their phone to get a glimpse of the company.

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2 – Organize a recruitment event

In addition to understanding the role, most candidates will want to understand the culture during the hiring process. Mixing up worker information can certainly get the job seekers’ message across, but shows potential candidates that the company is a great place to work in person. Would you like to see it? Hosting informal get-togethers or social happy hours in your office space is a great way to introduce the culture and connect with interested candidates.

We host open houses for interested candidates in all industries. We spend about a month promoting and using registration systems like Eventbrite to find out who is planning to visit. Our events are very laid back – most of our employees generally engage and have fun together. Candidates get a lot of feedback about how nice we are (we do!). Candidates you meet at the open house will continue to participate in the recruitment process and will be more likely to be accepted if extended. Moreover, these activities have been shown to open the minds of candidates and reveal their true personalities.

3 – See unlikely places

Many candidates are looking for a job via job boards. For example, the attendee tracking system processes 200,000 new entries per day. Unfortunately, because every recruiter in the district knows how to focus on big companies (and they bring in great candidates), the competition in a candidate-driven market is fierce. The solution is to look outside of the task board where you generally don’t want to search. For example, the use of social media for recruiting has increased by 54% over the past five years.

Think about the platforms your target candidates use and the events they can attend. If you’re looking for a creative young guy, DeviantArt, an artist’s paradise, is your best bet. While meeting candidates right away is ideal, try local art fairs and exhibits.

Another highlight is Meetup.com, a group event platform where you can find real candidates. There are communities for web developers, writers, educators, and a variety of other professions. Unlike social media, Meetup groups offer the opportunity to interact face-to-face with potential candidates.

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4 – Dream Big

Many recruiters feel compelled to limit themselves to passive hiring. Instead, you may need to actively seek out A-level talents.

Use LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social media channels to target your company’s ideal candidates. For example, LinkedIn’s search function gives you the ability to search for candidates with exactly the right skills. Quick messages make it easy to gauge a candidate’s interest. It doesn’t matter if the chosen candidate is currently looking for a job, the results are amazing. 84% of candidates would consider leaving their current company if they were offered a job in another company with a good employer brand. Don’t forget to sweeten the bottle: a small personalized gift (a set of pens for graphic designers or primers for writers) will show candidates what they want. do.

5 – Always innovate

The world of recruitment is constantly changing. These approaches vary by technology and culture. In other words, the idea may improve now, but it won’t work forever. The best way to stay creative when it comes to hiring is to never compromise with your current approach. Always go ahead and find your way to find candidates.

Author bio:

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping clients for international recruiting, staffing, HR services, and career advice service for overseas and international businesses.


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