A Free Guide to Import PST to Office 365 on Mac OS

A Free Guide to Import PST to Office 365 on Mac OS

Nowadays, many organizations are switching to cloud-based emails. It makes our work easy and automatically saves data by preventing it from any deletion or alteration during a server crash or power outage. One such cloud-based email server is Office 365. In this article, we will discuss some of the beneficial reasons and the process through which Mac users can easily import PST to Office 365. Before we start to import PST to Outlook, let us first try to know about both PST and Office 365 in brief. 

PST or the Personal Storage Table file is a type of file format that Microsoft Outlook uses for windows to store mailbox data. On the other hand, Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based email service that is provided by Microsoft. It is a product suite that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, etc which can easily be accessed from anywhere. 

Every Mac user faces difficulties to migrate PST to Office 365  on Mac devices as the PST file is not supported by Mac Outlook. Before we talk about the solution to this problem, let us discuss the benefits of switching to Office 365. 

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Reasons to import PST to Office 365 for Mac

Office 365 is the most opted email server for work by many organizations. Before we import PST files to Office 365 mailbox, it is important to know some of the key features of Office 365. Below we have mentioned a few to transfer PST data files into O365- 

  • Office 365 has two-factor authentication that helps secure your data.
  • It is easily accessible by Mac users from anywhere. 
  • MS O365 offers seamless document sharing. 
  • It automatically syncs all your emails, calendars, and contacts. 
  • It includes all MS applications in one place which can be accessed easily. 

Above we shared a few of the benefits of importing PST to Office 365. In the next section, we will answer the most frequently asked query “How to create a PST in Outlook 365 for Mac”.

Manual Method to import PST to Outlook On Mac

Internet may be full of various manual methods to transfer PST to Outlook 365 and finding the right method can be very annoying. For Mac devices, there is only one method that will help to import PST to Office 365 manually- 

  • Launch the MS Outlook on your Mac.
  • Now, under the File Menu select the import option.
  • In the import wizard, select the Outlook Data File button.
  • On the bottom right corner click the right arrow to continue.
  • Here, select the Outlook for Window Data File(.pst) option.
  • Again, click the right arrow in the bottom right corner. 
  • Navigate to the location where the PST file is saved and click on import
  • Once the import process is done, click done
  • PST file is now displayed in the navigation pane under my computer

Using the above manual method, users can view imported PST files in Outlook. The manual process to import PST to Office 365 can be tricky and result in major data loss. Therefore, many professionals suggest going with a more trusted and reliable PST converter tool for Mac. Using the automated method, Mac users can migrate PST to Office 365 hassle-free without any data loss. 

Import PST file into Outlook 365- Limitations

The manual method to import PST files into Outlook 365 may seem easy but there are exigent limitations to it. A couple of them are examined underneath.

  • Going with the manual method does not allow users to perform the bulk conversion.
  • Manual methods increase the chance of data alteration. 
  • Users can not eliminate the identical PST files while migrating to Office 365.
  • Mismanagement of data hierarchy occurs. 
  • Manual methods are time-consuming and need good technical knowledge. 
  • Users have to face difficulties to import the PST file to Office 365  if the PST file is heavy in size due to size limitations.

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In this article, we have discussed why switching to Office 365 and methods through which users can import PST files to Office 365. The manual method to import PST to Office 365 is time-consuming and tricky as Mac users have to repeat the process for every single PST file. Therefore, going with a professional method is a better solution for a hassle-free conversion. We have also discussed, the benefits of switching to a professional method.

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