Why Every Business Needs a Mapping Tool

Why Every Business Needs a Mapping Tool

Mapping tools have helped many industries to turn their business into grand successes. A mapping tool like Dynamics 365 helps you visualize, analyze, and improve your business.

A mapped outline helps point out the gap between the existing workflows and provides an opportunity to optimize them. It also helps answer simple yet important business questions. What are the different types of tasks involved in this process? Or who is responsible for each task, and timeframe for various tasks, and much more. These questions help you plan on improving the process efficiency as well as the effectiveness. When you start mapping all your processes, it helps improve the operations, making your business stronger and helping you manage the team in a better way.  

There are many reasons why your business needs a mapping tool. To know the details, keep reading further and explore. Here, we have listed the top 5 reasons for you to explore.

1. Process Visibility:

On an average a process has around 5-15 tasks. At times it becomes difficult to maintain the owners of multiple processes and a mapping tool helps you with that. A mapping tool is a savior in such cases. A map helps give you clearer visualization of how the process will go, and who are the process owners?

It also helps to determine the problems even before you encounter them, leading to more processes and tasks getting added to those pre-existing processes. Maps like Dynamics 365 Map helps you break a workload into small responsibilities, that you as a business owner can assign to your team. It helps visualize and indicate what all results can be achieved from the tasks, and determine if it will generate positive results or not. It also helps see the scope for further improvement in other processes as well. 

A map also helps visualize how a particular task has affected other parts of the business. Like, as how a marketing strategy affected other products of your business as well. Maps help the employees understand the end-to-end process of the organization, giving employees more visibility on what they do, and their overall role in the organization. It helps them understand their work as a cross-functional team, and where they fit in. 

2. Operational Support:

You as a business owner need to give your employees the freedom to find answers themselves, rather than asking some other colleague or manager. This helps them improve a lot. Maps like Dynamics 365 Map helps set what the employees should be doing, and link it into more details which include procedures, guidance instructions, form links, videos, or anything else that can help an employee with their job. It provides a platform to find out how things should be done in less time and with more efficiency. And It also helps with the induction process of new employees as well. Also helps identify the processes and the task owners. 

3. Knowledge Transfer:

Visualizing the processes on the map captures your processes and the knowledge that might get lost if not handled properly. It is one of the best practices followed in an organization. 

By making the process maps public, it helps with faster delivery from the employee’s side. This helps the employees find out their tasks, and quickly find the updates forms, and documents that if needed to support their role. It is a time saver for the employees as well as for the organization. You can avail more benefits by clearly visualizing the whole organization, which is easy to capture on a mapping tool.

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4. Customer Relation Management:

Mapping tools help you make a plan regarding the short-term and long-term goals for you to achieve. It helps you identify the stakeholders, which includes budget holders, users, influencers, leaders, decision-makers, and so on, and also helps define the relationships between those stakeholders.  

Maintaining your customer relations is a crucial thing for your business. Mapping tools help improve customer relations. It helps you build a long-term relationships with your customers. The better the customer experience, the faster your business grows, which helps boost client referrals and eventually increase your revenue. 

A mapping tool helps the business take more data-driven decisions, helps improve systems, briefly analyzes customer behavior, and detects inventory changes as well as customer needs. 

5. Helps With Continuous Improvement:

Once the tasks and processes have been approved and implemented, you can look at those processes and look for ways to improve, because you already know whether the result is positive, negative, or neutral. So, you can analyze it and create a new baseline, and make continuous improvements. 

Storing data helps process change. This also helps with continuous improvements that your business requires to grow at their lightspeed. Building an archive of a process also helps with showing compliance to credentials like ISO 9001.


Every business needs a mapping tool these days, whether it is a delivery app or a banking app. It is essential if you want to grow your business. It helps improve operations and enhance marketing strategies leading to more customer interaction. You need to evolve from pre-defined guesswork and focus more on taking strategic decisions based on data analytics. 

This analysis helps make more informed decisions that help with marketing strategies. It also helps identify the risks even before they are there. It helps the business provide effective tools to create plans and so, long-term benefits for the company. Mapping platforms like Dynamics 365 Map help you provide everything on a single platform, making it easier and more efficient when integrated with customers’ data. 


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