Why does Dynamics CRM overpower other CRMs as an ‘Enterprise CRM Suite of Choice’?

Why does Dynamics CRM overpower other CRMs as an ‘Enterprise CRM Suite of Choice’?

Irrespective of the field of work of any business, customers remain the most vital asset of the company. Every company needs to manage and maintain long-lasting bonds with its customers. Relationships with the customers are certainly the key foundation of enhancing the business. Hence, every company looks for an efficient and easy to handle CRM (customer relationship management) tool. The solution enables the customer service team to collect, consolidate and manage all of the important customer data. However, a new-age CRM, just like the Microsoft Dynamics CRM not just caters to the customer service needs, but links all other segments of the businesses as well. From sales and marketing to finance and operations, a top-notch CRM is capable of doing much more than maintaining healthy relationships with customers.

Listed below are the top characteristics which make Dynamics CRM the best Enterprise CRM Suite of Choice:

A Continuum of Offerings

Dynamics 365 is an all-encompassing merger of tools that can outshine any industry process, from marketing and sales to HR and operations. The employees can use the apps as per the unique requirements of the business, and every field of business respectively. Employees in Customer Support, Field Service, Sales, Marketing and Project Service automation make good use of the Dynamics CRM apps to strengthen and streamline their operations.

It is a cloud-based offering that conglomerates both CRM and ERP features into one unified application. It erases traditional moves and combines front and back offices with an end-to-end solution to manage every aspect of the business. Leveraging all the functionalities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows the company to connect its entire business.

Ease of Development

One of the supreme strengths of Dynamics CRM is that they employ general, universal web standards like .Net, Java and HTML for development. Hence, companies get the upper hand in tailoring as per their identifiable needs without banking on a particular programming language. Plus, there is a vast network of reliable, experienced associates that can efficiently fulfill their needs as well.

Intuitive and Engaging User Experience

The UUI, Unified User Interface integrated with the latest edition of Dynamics CRM has made it a top choice for companies. Also, the latest edition of UUI offers a seamless experience across different platforms, including mobile, web, and Outlook. Plus, the new user interface is not only pleasing to the eyes but is very easy to handle as well. Especially, people who are already well versed with Microsoft solutions’ process-driven interface, find it easy and comfortable to use Dynamics CRM.

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Less Money, More Benefits

Every company looks to opt for the best CRM, however, their prime concern is that the CRM should fit their budget. Dynamics CRM is comparatively easy on pocket CRM. However, it provides all the necessary CRM features along with additional features like campaign creation and management, other basic marketing functions, sales force automation, etc. at almost half of the price of other popular CRM.

Get the Best out of ‘Analytics’  

Dynamics CRM offers immersive Excel experiences entrenched in list views and engaging report exports. Also, the Power BI Apps for Sales contain pre-built as well as a variety of shareable templates. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows the user to export to Excel sheets from any of the CRM for tablets and mobiles as well.

Today’s hyper-competitive environment makes it a mandate to get comprehensive and real-time visibility into all spheres of the business. Dynamics 365 offers several eminent built-in business intelligence features as well as many analytic reports. Users can take advantage of the power of Cortana Intelligence Suite, Azure and Power BI to get accurate trend analysis to respond to the evolving market demand.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM overpowers other solutions, mainly after the launch of the freshest edition. However, selecting a CRM for the company goes much deeper than UI, features or functions. There are numerous other considerations as well. While selecting the CRM you should always remember that the tool you pick today, will influence how efficiently the employees perform.

The tool will be accountable for the quality of service you offer. It won’t be wrong to say that the CRM is surely going to affect the business’s overall performance. Company’s objectives, demands, budgetary constraints, the employee culture etc. are a few parameters to take into consideration while selecting a Microsoft dynamics for your company. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a market leader, and many companies have realized its impact and importance in the functioning of the company. It is considered as one of the top choices, and it truly deserves the tag that it has got!

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