How much does it cost to develop a business website?

How much does it cost to develop a business website?

When you own a business, building and maintaining its website is one of your primary tasks. If you want your business to grow digitally, having a company website is necessary. Web development costs can be a matter of discussion while thinking about developing a website for your organization. The development cost can be somewhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Developing a website requires time investment, and also monetary support. To develop a website, one must keep the budget from $500 to $5000 minimally. The ultimate cost depends on the overall requirements of your website. This cost left business owners in surprise that spending this much is worth it.

In this digital world, if you want your business to stay digitally connected with the world, and earn more revenue digitally, then having a website is necessary. Let’s see what are the factors that affect the cost of developing a website, and what can be the approximate cost of development.

Why Does Your Business Need a Website?

Here are some reasons why your business requires a website or a web app to survive in this competitive world.

Your business can make sales even in situations like a lockdown

Local businesses across the world have struggled to remain open during the rapidly falling conditions like COVID-19, and the chances for in-person sales decreased a lot.

Small businesses or startup owners who wanted to turn down this storm of no sales during a pandemic, ultimately took shelter in online ways of boosting their business to expand their users and audience from their own city to other locations and create endless alternatives of sales and generating revenues. Due to the pandemic, e-commerce sites and other online businesses boomed their profits.

For instance, in the United States alone, online sales will increase by 44% in 2020. This count was almost triple the growth found in 2018-19. While this momentum pushes that online sales got during the pandemic, still the number of users purchasing things online is increasing every year. These statistics are a motivation for you to develop your business website and let your customers enjoy the online services from the comfort of their place.

You can attract potential new customers

Mostly, users and customers know what they want to purchase, but, likely, they have never heard of your business selling that product or service; and won’t even know if you do not show up your online presence through a website. That’s where any digital marketing tactic- SEO, will benefit you.

SEO is having a website that is optimized so that different search engines or web browsers understand exactly about your business and services, and puts the website in front of users who are looking specifically for the product or service that you offer.

SEO starts to seem overwhelming if you keep yourself from being tech-savvy. It is a long-term strategy as compared to the digital ads strategy or using social media for promotions and advertising your business. But when implemented correctly, it is certainly worth spending time and money on.

SEO professionals aren’t easy to find, but you can search for them in your group, or on platforms like LinkedIn. Generally, they at least charge $30 per hour in maximum cases. The cost may increase depending on your website requirements.

You get a platform to show your services and products

Aside from the global pandemic, a business website is a platform to showcase all of your services and products in a way that any physical store may not allow. After that, there is so much real estate that you should work within while working in the offline world. That simply is not the case when you own a custom website.

Your business website also provides you an opportunity to get your potential customers at any point. If they are not ready to buy anything, your website’s informational content will give them the chance to have a look at your product and services. They can find the complete details of your business through the website and it might grab their attention to buy something.

Instead of waiting for the customers to visit your online store again, there are many strategies that you can use to remind them of your online business and encourage them to purchase your products or services. You can ask for the customer’s email id and give them certain discounts as a counteroffer. This strategy will help you to gain a whole database of emails, and also make new customers for your business.

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Showcase your best reviews and testimonials

Mouth-to-mouth marketing is one of the biggest traffic drivers for any business, no matter whichever domain it belongs to. That is why having online testimonials and reviews from both current and previous customers is important for your business. You can let these reviews bring new customers to your business.

There are various review and feedback sites like Facebook pages, Yelp, etc., where you can ask your reliable clients to give you some reviews. From there you can filter some of the best reviews from your customers and make one highlight or reel to upload on various site pages. This highlight will be social proof for prospective customers to know that your business is what they have been looking for.

What will be the cost of building a simple website?

Developing a simple website for a startup or a small business can have an approximate cost between $100-$500. But this is an approximate number that can be more or less depending on the website functionalities and business requirements. Developing a custom website with many custom features can cost $30,000 or even more.

The basic division of $100 is done like this- developing a website will need a domain name along with web hosting, which will cost you around $15 per year and $7.99/per month. Add these billing amounts and it will be somewhere around $110 per year to develop a website.

This cost can be a big deal for business owners who own a really small business or have just started. To save website development costs, you can hold free WordPress plugins and free themes. The free WordPress plugins will help you to save some expenses.

What will be the cost of building an advanced website?

Over time, your website grows and it keeps on increasing the number of visitors; at this time it is necessary to add new functionalities to your website. Adding new features will increase the cost and it will also require premium and paid plugins for powerful web hosting services.

You can pick Bluehost premium services, but with advanced websites, we suggest you use services like SiteGround (GoGeek) or WP Engine, etc.

SiteGround costs you a little more than Bluehost, but GoGeek comes with more premium functions like faster performance, staging capabilities, and web storage space, and it easily handles up to 100,000 visitors a month.

Building any advanced website, you can use it to develop a premium theme for your website. Almost each website builder, for instance- WordPress- offers paid themes that have extra in-built features, that provides customer support, and give the website a professional look.

As for plugins, here are some useful WordPress plugins you can use for growing your website. The overall cost of developing an advanced website is from $500 to $1000 a year, depending on the plugins you use on the website.

Concluding Words

In the end, the approximate website development cost solely depends on the number of features, type of website, and many other features. Hence, if you are clear with your requirements, and know what kind of website you want to build, you can develop an approximate idea of website development cost. If you have any queries regarding the same, you can contact our team with your project idea, we will help you with an accurate solution.


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