Best Free Antivirus for Android and iOS

Best Free Antivirus for Android and iOS

Advancement in technology has made the security aspect of our phone equally vulnerable as the power and cracking capacity of hackers and viruses have increased. So, it is very necessary to keep your smartphone safe. The most obvious solution to stop viruses, malware, hackers, and intruders from attacking your phone should be getting Antivirus software.

Antivirus software will help you protect your sensitive and private data, valuable information, photos & videos. Also, it will help you tackle malware and harmful viruses from entering your mobile phone. Antivirus can also help you prevent data breaches, identity theft, or vulnerability and provide your phone a layer of security.

Keeping your mobile phone safe is crucial due to advancements of hackers and viruses, whether Android or iPhone. iPhones are comparatively less vulnerable to viruses Ato Android as Apple’s OS is designed to run apps in virtual and separate space. Also, the interaction between the apps is prohibited. Nevertheless, it is essential to prevent both Android and iOS from viruses.

On the other hand, Android permits the download of apps from unknown sources, which often opens the doors to malware and is easier to crack than iOS. Additionally, due to the global popularity of Android devices and possibly easier virus targets, hackers and cybercriminals are always targeting them. 

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Why do you need Antivirus apps on your Android and iOS?

There are various reasons your phone should be locked with antivirus software. Some of them are,

  1. Protects from malware and viruses from entering your smartphone
  2. It helps to keep your sensitive and personal data secure
  3. Provides security from intruders, data thefts, and hackers
  4. Antivirus boosts the performance and speed of your phone
  5. Blocks suspicious websites and ensures safe browsing
  6. Blocks spam data and unnecessary Ads on your phone
  7. Protects from spyware applications and phishing attacks
  8. It protects your password and is often considered cost-effective

Signs of Virus on your Smartphone

Here are some of the common signs if your device is attacked by malware or virus,

  1. The phone’s battery is draining too much.
  2. The back of the phone is heated.
  3. Your smartphone is quite slow and is always lagging.
  4. Random Apps and ads pop-ups more often
  5. Some of Your data and information are missing
  6. People are getting spam messages and links without your consent
  7. You have unauthorized credit charges
  8. Mobile data usage is high
  9. Negative impact on the performance level of your phone

Best Antivirus for Android and iOS

The following Antivirus are our picks for the best free Antivirus for Android,

Norton Mobile Security:

Norton is outstanding mobile security for your Android and iOS devices. Norton comes with a handful of extra features in its free version, and it scans and alerts you of downloaded apps if any suspicious behavior is found.

Norton also scans all apps on your mobile phone, flags suspicious apps, collects your private and sensitive data, and uses too much of your battery life. Norton’s anti-phishing feature helps you browse safely and alerts you of any malicious links on the browser.

Nortons mobile security also scans public networks that potentially open doors for malware and viruses and offers a secure VPN. This software’s intuitive design and UI is also incredible.

Avira Security Antivirus:

Avira provides excellent malware detection and a good range of other additional security features. With the help of Avira, you can analyze all the mobile applications and notify the applications unknowingly accessing your photos, contacts, and other sensitive data.

Avira comes with excellent features, including an app scanner, theft protection, VPN, and Wifi scanner. Avira can also help you optimize your mobile phone and protect it from data breaches.

 Unfortunately, Avira does not provide you with an anti-phishing feature in its free version. Nevertheless, it is a very good app; the UI is not complex and works as guaranteed.

McAfee Security:

McAfee should be another good choice to protect your phone from viruses and malware. McAfee detects and blocks all the malware when you download some apps on your phone. The app scanner feature provides necessary information about the apps running on your device. McAfee’s extra feature is a wifi scanner that can prevent you from potential viruses or insecure public networks and provides advanced wifi security.

McAfee can also boost the performance level of your device and delete junk or spam files. Overall, the security and performance of the application are very good, but the pop-up ads in the free version can irritate you.

Kaspersky Security:

Kaspersky can offer you flawless malware protection. Kaspersky provides you with a VPN and includes a no-log policy in the application on your Android and iOS device. Kaspersky can also detect the application after downloading them, but you need to scan them in the free version manually.

Kaspersky will prevent you from data breaching and also includes a password manager app for convenient auto-filling.

Most importantly, its anti-theft protection will help you lock and check your phone’s last location and provides you with a handful of good features like selfie capturing function, remote alarm, and safe browsing. Additionally, Kaspersky does not have any ads in its free version.

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Malwarebytes Security:

Malwarebytes should be another decent choice if you are willing to install iOS or Android Antivirus. It focuses on providing one incredible feature rather than working on multiple sets of interesting incomplete features. The most liked part about Malware bytes is that it’s forever ad-free.

The privacy audit feature helps you protect your private and sensitive data and checks suspicious activities or virus-infected apps on your phone. Also, it will provide you with a layer of security from malware such as ransomware and adware. Malwarebytes may have fewer features when compared to other Antivirus, but it works excellent nevertheless.


Due to the increase of intruders, hackers, harmful viruses, data thefts, and malware, you should not compromise your sensitive data and information. The best solution to protect your data should be getting antivirus software on your Android and iOS.

Antivirus will provide you with a layer of security, protecting you from malware and viruses. Antivirus can monitor all apps and report any suspicious activities. So, we recommend you get any of the antiviruses mentioned for the overall protection of your smartphone.

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